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Learn how to heal your body from the inside. Eliminate aches and pains. Be more active. Have more energy. Live the life you deserve.

Are you experiencing issues that haven't been successfully treated? Given medication to just treat the symptoms without adequate exploration done to understand the root cause? Tired of being told it's just part of aging, it's in your head, you're just tired or stressed or overweight or a number of other responses when you know there's something real that's wrong and you're in pain?

I can help.

In case you're not familiar with the term, functional medicine is a biology-based approach that looks to identify and address the root cause of your discomfort. It's based on an individual approach that encompasses nutritional science, genomics and epigenetics. What we will be doing is using low-risk interventions to modify molecular and cellular systems to reverse what's happening.

Together, your symptoms can provide a road map to helping me identify the source of the problem, and work with you on ways to treat it.

It's holistic because we're working on your whole self - integrating the suggested changes into your lifestyle and working to change your mental attitude to one of hope and optimism as you begin to see the effectiveness take hold.

"I initially thought my aches and pains were just a part of aging, until I began to dig deeper into my own health and the inner workings of my own body. What I learned transformed my approach to health."

Sandra Stryker,  Functional Health Practitioner trained in Functional Medicine

How can we help you restore your health?

Understanding and supporting the inner workings of your body to help you restore your energy, your health and your happiness.

Our Mission

Restore Holistic Health's mission is to restore the health, wellness and happiness of those we serve. We offer exceptional personalized care and services. We seek to consistently exceed our client's expectations and delivered services in an ethical, caring, compassionate and affordable manner.

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Restore Holistic Health

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