Eliminate Skincare Chemicals for Optimum Holistic Health


Sometimes we focus on nutrition and healthy eating so much that we forget to think about what we're slathering on all the time. But did you know that 85,000 chemicals have been added into our safety, beauty and food products since WWII? And since skin is one of the easiest ways for chemicals to enter the body, many believe this is definitely linked to skyrocketing rates of chronic illnesses, premature deaths and diseases.

Parabens and triclosan, for example, are endocrine disruptors. They can mimic hormones like estrogen and can cause cancer, birth defects and developmental disorders.

Sunscreens that use chemical filters can also pose a risk to reproductive systems and fetal development. Phthalates used in fragrances, nail polish and hair products also fall into this category as does toluene.

Common chemicals in cosmetics don't just interfere with hormones, they can go beyond the drug-resistant germs that triclosan promotes or the damage to nervous and immune systems that can come from toluene.

First, because cosmetics are applied directly and are often designed specifically to be absorbed by the skin (think wrinkle creams and anti-perspirant) their ingredients also penetrate the body and join the bloodstream, where they may cause unknown internal harm. With daily use of at least several such products it could amount to exceptional exposure.

Secondly, these products can cause additional harm by getting into the environment, particularly water supplies. Rinsed off in the sink? Wash something down the drain of your shower? Pour them out when old? And since water treatment plants are unequipped to remove them, over 100 chemicals from personal care products can be detected at low concentrations in our drinking water or in habitats.

Deodorants and antiperspirants can be some of the most toxic products in the cosmetic industry, including aluminum in antiperspirants. The most common concern about aluminum in antiperspirants and other skin care products is that it's linked to breast cancers and can be hard for compromised kidneys to clear, which can lead to more problems. Antiperspirants can also clog pores and actually make you smell worse!

Perspiration itself actually has no odor. What causes underarm odor is bacteria. To control body odor, you need to safely "kill" that bacteria. To slay the smell away, Holistic has a safe roll-on deodorant from Sumbody you can use with a combination of ingredients that will keep you fresh and odor-free.

Its active ingredients include hamamelis (witch hazel) hydrosol, aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, organic vitis (grape) alcohol, sodium chloride (mineral salts), and a Sum essential oil blend.

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