Do I Need a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner?


If conventional medicine has failed you and you're still experiencing issues, or you feel you're in need of an extra boost, then a certified holistic health practitioner may be able to help you identify the root cause of your issues and suggest ways to treat them. Often a holistic health practitioner certified in this area can solve (or help you manage) chronic complex and multifaceted health issues like Celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease (IBS).

Working from the inside out, certified holistic health practitioners, or those trained in functional medicine, look at everything that could be affecting your health including:

  1. Diet/nutrition/additives

  2. Household cleaners/chemicals

  3. Skin and hair care products/additives/chemicals

  4. Scents and dyes

  5. Mental and emotional health

  6. Genetics

  7. Hormonal changes

  8. Medications

  9. Sleep patterns

This full picture of your environment and its impact on you may be what's missing from previous efforts to deal with your issue. One or more of these could be contributing factors and by looking at all of them, a certified holistic health practitioner can often recommend changes that can be made to one or more that can assist with developing a healthier path for you.

Progress is tracked and changes are made as needed when you work with a certified holistic health practitioner. The goal is to identify the root cause(s) and not simply to mask the symptoms with medication. The approach is also different for each person since treatment is tailored to a specific set of symptoms that likely differ from others. The very nature of this type of health practitioner means it's a very collaborative relationship. A certified practitioner of this sort will also usually spend more time with you as compared to a traditional physician as the process involves getting a detailed history.

Oftentimes, certified holistic health practitioners are also open to alternative treatments that may offer you relief like acupuncture, meditation or herbal remedies.

A certified holistic health practitioner can also help you work to prevent illness by ensuring you are following guidelines for a healthy lifestyle that include the right diet, supplements as needed, exercise, healthy products and more. These practices can also bring ancillary benefits such as weight loss and the lowering of blood pressure, which could help stave off conditions such as diabetes. Schedule a FREE consultation.