What is Holistic Health Coaching?


Holistic health coaches are more than just consultants. They're guides on a journey to healthier lives, with the goal being an overall better quality of life for their clients. Holistically trained professionals use integrative approaches that address nutrition patterns and lifestyle changes in addition to physical fitness or spiritual practices - they'll even go as far at looking at your romantic relationships!

The reasons people choose holistic coaching vary but generally stem from wanting help achieving one's potential while also feeling frustrated by the traditional medical models approach which often leaves them disconnected from his/her true self.

Holistic health coaches will generally meet with clients and conduct an initial interview, assess their current health, as well as observe any conditions that may present. During client-coaching relationship, a Holistic Health Coach will:

  • Coach and educate clients about how to achieve and sustain good health such as a daily routine involving whole, nutritious foods, exercise, stress management

  • Empower clients to achieve optimal health, for the present and the future, through addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition, lifestyle stressors, poor quality sleep, insufficient water, lack of exercise, and relaxation.

  • Educate clients to evaluate their lifestyle choices and to identify and change any potential causes of ill health.

Additionally, a Holistic Health Coach may provide counseling, talk therapy, and different methods of holistic wellness as well as suggest relevant products.

Finally, they will document the client's progress and meet with them regularly to follow up on the client's goals and where they stand in terms of meeting them. They should also provide a blueprint or action plan that the client can follow - made up of small, attainable steps. Of course, they will also provide a ton of encouragement and supportive services.