Are you experiencing the “terrible triad of chronic pain?


Without even realizing it, you may be in the throes of the "terrible triad" - suffering, sleeplessness, and sadness. Do you wake up each morning in pain, spend your whole day in pain and go to sleep at night in pain? Is it hard to remember your life before persistent daily pain was part of it? Is the pain keeping you up at night so that you never wake up rested in the morning? Over time, does this make you feel sad and hopeless? You are not alone!

Have you bounced from provider to provider only to be told there's nothing wrong based on your tests or blood work or the pain is all in your head? It can be so frustrating for chronic pain sufferers. An integrated approach is needed to get to the root causes of why the pain is persistent and unrelenting.

I know how debilitating this can be, and how it can keep you from living your best life, or sometimes even living any semblance of your former life.

I believe that by delving into all aspects of your life, and understanding all the possible sources of your pain and how they may intersect, we can work together to help find relief. As a practitioner of functional medicine, I delve deeply into how to turn your chronic pain life around by looking at the root causes and setting your body on a path of healing itself from the chronic pain. That's why I founded Restore Holistic Health.

Let's start that process with a free 45-minute Discovery Call or feel free to send me an email. I'll share success stories I've had with other chronic pain clients, answer all your questions and then we can decide if I'm a good fit for you going forward.

My goal is to return you to a life you enjoy and deserve that is not centered on pain, fatigue and sadness.