Do I Need a Holistic Health Consultant?


If you're reading this, then chances are you've been frustrated at some point with conventional medicine and its approach. You may feel as though you're not being listened to, that symptoms are being dismissed, that you're being forced to accept chronic issues without an attempt to find or treat the root cause, or you just lack energy, have chronic pain, are suffering from digestive problems, or experiencing sleep problems.

Any one or more of these is a good reason to seek out a holistic health consultant. As the term implies, a holistic health consultant seeks to treat the whole body, and understand how one or more issues may be tied together from a single source. A holistic health consultant will spend a great deal of time listening and analyzing all aspects of your life with you, and then start to make recommendations to see what possible external factors could be contributing to your issues.

What a relief to stop having someone tell you it's just in your head or a normal part of aging. Holistic health consultants know that you know your body better than anyone and that just treating symptoms is simply avoiding or putting off finding the true answer to what is keeping you from living your best life.

May people find that an initial consultation confirms what they thought - that this approach to health is different. As well it's ongoing as needed - with time taken for support and ongoing information and education from your holistic health consultant.

Lifestyle changes are incorporated as needed if they are mutually agreed upon with you and your holistic health coach, and a comfortable pace is determined.

Take a look at an exceptional holistic health consultant - Sandra Stryker. She offers a free 45-minute Discovery Call and would be more than happy to answer all your questions about what a holistic health consultant is and what they can do. You may find it's a great solution to start you on the path to restoring your health and leading to a much better you - and a much better life!